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aka "Reva"


Reva, was born on 08 Nov 2017 and is one of the very best bred working retrievers in Australia. Red is her Father and her Mother is an American imported dog RTCh Watermarks N Farmers Little Darlin. Brought into the country by Mr G Tawton.
Reva is genetically clear and has a exceptional hip score of 1/1 and elbows are zero.
A very intelligent animal who is a very fast learner and a pleasure to train.


Reva's debut in the last trial of 2018, two days after her first birthday! I decided not to run her in beginners as she is a very advanced dog for her age, we ran in both Novice and Restricted.
Day 1 was a bit of a disaster where she failed to pick up the first bird in Novice and ran back in after she was spooked. We continued the day and she ran respectively in Restricted and nailed the first two runs. The judge put a really hard test on for the last run and I pulled her in.
Day 2 the following day we had a blast, Reva stepped up and was superbly confident in Novice and Restricted and won both with great scores. 
Novice was a field of 32 dogs and she scored 173 out a possibly 180, only dropping 7 points.
Restricted was a field of 14 dogs and she scored 160.5 out of 180. Both competitions where outstanding I could not have been more pleased for such a young dog to do so well.

2019: Reva has continued with her foundation training  and we have entered some early trials. Reva quickly established herself in Restricted and had two more wins and a 3rd from 4 trials. This has qualified as a "Restricted Retrieving Dog", we will be increasing both distance and concepts and concentrating on getting her ready to make her All Age debut soon.

A quality healthy out cross bred dog by using great proven parents, blending the best of British with the best of American.