Ruby was mated on the 27 Sep 2020 to my young Stud Ace. This litter if we are succesful will a darker Yellow to Fox red. This will be our very first 


aka "Ruby"

Ruby is a British line bred dog by UK lines, bred by Huntogun. 



Ruby was born 31 Oct 2015, her Mum is a UK imported Field Dog, the stud used was imported frozen semen again from the UK.

Ruby has a lovely nature very soft and calm, easy to train. Biddable, happy and loves to have a good hunt.  

With basic training completed, she had a great understanding of concepts and very good at blind work.

Ruby started competing Novice Retrieving trials and  quickly gained her title from 7 starts with my good friend Vince Pino who uses her primarily as a duck retrieving dog. Vince is a prolific hunter and prefers the real thing to competition. Ruby is perfect for this type of work, quiet in the hide great swimmer, exellent at taking casting commands at distance on water also very good company on a hunt. 

Her health scores are very good with 1/4 Hips 0/0 elbows.

Ruby has a full breed DNA profile, which is a availble on request.

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