aka "Ace"

Ace was born 14 Oct 2018. He was the result of a planned mating between Grand Field Trial Champion Brynderin Ginger Bint, bred and owned by our friends in NZ Mr and Mrs Sinclair.



Ace arrived in Australia Dec 18, his breeding reflects predominantly line bred British dogs. This was a long planned mating between Red and the very best retrieving girl in NZ. His Mother "Bint" is a super star, who holds the title of Grand Field Trial Champion. A very evenly bred dog that is an exceptional marker and has great game finding ability. By breeding these two dogs has resulted in producing a quality line bred litter of similar style working pups. Ace is a magnificently built dog, great conformation with a hip score of 2/3 and elbows 0/0.

Ace is a proven dog and is available at stud to approved bitch's.



Ace is growing into a very smart confident young Labrador. He has a good understanding of all basic commands, is attentive, keen to learn and absolutely loves to retrieve.

His foundational yard work is now complete. He has  an understanding of concepts, stops well, takes casts and above all else is a fantastic marking and hunting dog. He tries very hard in all he does and is an honest  genuine dog.

All his health tests are complete, I will be breeding from him later in the year to Reva. I am really pleased in his confidence and temperament he just wants to be everybody's mate but when work is to be done, he becomes business like, attentive and you have his complete attention and concentration. 

Ace got off to a great start in Qld in his first trial of the year! Which he went on to win, he scored maximum on two of the runs and finished on 185 points only dropping a total of ten points.

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