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Redcypher Sporting Retrievers is about developing a high-end intelligent competitive working dog that will fit most human environments. Fit for purpose, robust healthy and highly trainable.

How are we doing this?

We import some of the very best genetics from Europe and USA. I train and compete with my dogs around the country. From this breeding I select the healthiest puppies that show the most acumen in their early development stage, both bold and confident displaying team player attributes with an aptitude and will to learn.


Over the course of the next few years we will develop those puppies further, training them into highly obedient individuals who adore their work without losing any of their natural working hunting abilities as they grow and mature into adulthood.


I then breed from that proven stock, the dog that is not only healthy but the dog that has shown it can take instruction, biddable and can train easily.






I have actively pursued an interest in working dogs all my life. I have had several breeds of working dogs and more recently Labradors, training retrievers are my first passion, be it training, shooting or just having some fun.

My family and I immigrated to Australia from the UK. I was an Army Officer in the Australian Defence Force and retired in 2019. Originally we moved to the East coast on retirement. Because of the tropical conditions in 2023 we decided to downsize from acreage and move to the apple isle, Tasmania.  We have our own kennels and whelping room that was designed around our country style living. I have my very own training grounds and water training ponds. 


Previously I was an active game shooter, field trialer, deer and conservation manager, and before departing from the UK, I was selected to trial for the England gundog team.

I am an active member of TCA Inc, VCA, DQ, F&GA, SSAA, and strive for excellence in training dogs to compete at the highest level in Australia. I enjoy training days coaching/mentoring as well as participating and assisting at trials.  I have gone through the Judges training mentoring scheme, now qualified as a Championship judge. I enjoy setting runs for retriever trial assessment; it is a great privilege and honour judging competing dogs and handlers.

I have always enjoyed the pleasure of working with animals, I thrive on positive training, development and competing at the highest levels in retrieving competitions, it is my passion.


I breed both black and yellow dogs, and specialise in Fox Reds - a darker shade of Yellow Labrador. All breeding stock is extensively health tested and has a full genetic DNA profile.


Some of my stock will go to competing retriever homes or hunting. Some to highly sophisticated blue light courses, trained in various Police disciplines and customs to be used in essential government tasking. This can be sniffer detection dog, specialising in Drug detection, explosive detection, and customs/airports.


Most will go as pets where they will be equally at home.


I have also supplied dogs to human search and rescue as well as cadaver, including human assistant dogs’ for PTSD and autism.

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