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Bracken Bird Minnow aka Noah
12 Mar 2002​
UK. FT. CH. Craighorn Bracken​
Ropehall Dove of Brackenbird​
Brackenbird Minnow - Semen.jpg


Around ten years ago I had the opportunity to purchase some overseas semen from a great dog. I have also competed against whilst living in England.

Our good friend Robin Watson owned and ran Noah. I remember competing against him very well in my first ever open trial, I was left in awe of the dog's natural game-finding ability and instinctive hunt pattern. Robin would send him for a unseen bird and Noah seemed to have that uncanny ability to just work things out when approaching the area, he would switch his nose and come out of cover with a bird.

Suffice to say he went on to win the trial that day. I remember talking to Robin and he told me just how easy Noah was to train, his exact words were, "he was so easy to train he could not remember training him".

Soft natured supremely confident, at the time in the UK probably the very best game finding dog on the circuit. 


Robin ran Noah in just nine open trials, Noah placed in eight. That alone was a really impressive feat, he was made up to FTCH by winning a two day open trial on one of the hardest grounds in the UK. Bitterly cold and dark, with poor scent conditions. Noah can be seen at the attached link competing and winning that trial.

I believe I am one of the very few people remaining that owns any semen from Noah. We are now pleased to have suitable high quality girls to include this exceptional past British dog which will produce a very highly sought after litter in our Redcypher breeding program.

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