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Our Program

We have fantastic grounds that I have developed further enabling to shape your dog from a puppy to adult and preparing them for competition in Retriever Trials or in another employment. I train dogs including individuals or a group, coach and mentor on all aspects of Gundog training and development, I sometimes run small training seminars on training and development with your dog like a workshop approach method.

I also train individual dogs for clients to a standard that they require and occasionally have dogs back for refresher training.

Please contact me to discuss your requirements and needs or area lacking that you require help with. If you are starting out on your competative retrieving journey with your Gundog I would be delighted to share my training practices and knowledge with you to help train your dog.

In addition to training Gundogs, I also advise and train various breeds of dogs in obedience, socialisation, confidence, bark or aggression conditioning, separation
anxiety and noise conditioning.

Run Setting in Trials

In a technical sport that requires a degree of deliberate interpretation as to what has just occurred when a  sporting dog is competing, how do you (the judge) set a run for a dog to be judged with an “ambit of equality,  where assessment is fairly made” for that competition?  


As a judge it helps if you have developed a good level of ground and environmental awareness, be extremely  cognizant of the weather or how changing weather conditions could affect what you envisage will happen, then  balance that with the capabilities of a trained dog on how well that particular run will be challenged and  completed to make a fair competition.  


I have created a document for for you about the considerations for run setting in Retriever Trials - click on the button below.


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