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Dog in Nature
08 Nov 2017​
GR. R.T. CH.
Acolon Prince of Cypher​
Watermark N Farmer's Little Darlin'


Reva is one of the very best bred working retrievers in Australia.


Red, is her father, and the mother is an American imported dog RTCh Watermarks N Farmers Little Darlin. Brought into the country by Mr G Tawton.


Reva is genetically clear and has a exceptional hip score of 1/1 elbows 0/0.


A super intelligent animal who is a very fast learner and a pleasure to train.

Reva is a super happy dog not only in her training but with her human family. She adores your company, loves being out and about no matter where she goes. Loves dog training videos on the TV!


Reva's debut was in the last trial of 2018, two days after her first birthday! I decided not to run her in beginners as she is a very advanced dog for her age, we ran in both Novice and Restricted.

Reva stepped up and was superbly confident in Novice and Restricted, she went on to win both with great scores.  Novice was a field of 32 dogs and she scored 173 out a possible 180, only dropping 7 points.  Restricted was a field of 14 dogs and she scored 160.5 out of 180. Both competitions where outstanding I could not have been more pleased for such a young dog to do so well.

Reva had a great year, quickly bowling over her Restricted title with three wins from five start's.


We consolidated our training and started to prepare for All Age and made her debut in May. Reva did not disappoint 5 trials later she won her first All Age in Victoria from a field of 23 dogs.

Having moved interstate to Qld in 2020, we entered our first trial of the year. Reva got off to a great start on the first run and held her own for the next two runs, not as clean as I would have liked.


We both made mistakes, but enough to secure a win in a very seasoned field of much older dogs. In just nine trials Reva qualified for the title of Retriever Champion at the ripe young age of just 27 months. 

2022 State Championships, she was fully fit and marking very well. Just over four years old and like most dogs her age, had missed two seasons of competition due to Covid, this didn't stop her putting in an exceptional performance in the Qld State Championships, she was not only crowned the winner, she also received a Diploma of Merit (DM) for consistent performance throughout the competition.


I was absolutely delighted for her, she backed this up a few weeks later in NSW where she placed second in the lead up State Championship to the National. Sadly, I was judging the National this year and could not compete with her. Reva remains my most consistent performer and is clearly following in the footsteps of her Father (aka Red Dog).  

Reva had a great 2023, has knocked over a serious amount of wins and gained sufficient points to qualify as a Grand Retriever Champion. In addition to this she picked up another Certificate of Merit, for outstanding Gun dog work. During the Championship season she competed in five championships, finished four placed in four and was runner up in the Australian National. 

Reva is certainly following in her very successful Father's footsteps (Red Dog) in Retrieving trialling.

I'm delighted for her, having made the decision to continue running her through the season and not have any more litters, I know it was the right decision.  Reva has had very unorthodox living arrangements for the last ten months due to us relocating interstate and building a new home. She has done exceptional to place second in the National and overall finished third in the country. 

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