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Dog in Nature
Redcypher Cherokee Enola (Tsu La)



 QTK Lightning Fast Loud as Thunder AM, MH, HRCH

GRAND RT. CH. Tirnanoge Lady Reva DM CM 

Tsu La

Tsu La is predominantly an American style bred field Labrador.


Tsu La is very smart and extremely quick. Her basic obedience is in place, we are now starting to learn directions and single T. We have been doing simple doubles and basic memory blinds. She has been introduced to Gun shot and real game.


Tsu La has a clear DNA profile and will be part of our future breeding plans. She is developing well in her training and is super confident.

Both her Mother and Father are super talented dogs in their own right. The genetics are defiantly present and she is already showing promise at a rapid rate of knots in the progress she is making in her training and transition to the field.

Tsu La, made her competition debut in 2023 with her owner Muiris Mullane. She placed well in the Junior competitions and quickly stepped out of the beginners and into Advance and Novice comps. Again she started placing very quickly and has started to advance through the next levels of competition of Restricted and Advance.


Muiris is enjoying the challenge of Australian trialling along with a very enthusiastic strong powerful girl. We are confident of big things happening for Tsu La as she matures and gains more experience.

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